The tear is in the corner of your eye.

You try your best to pull it inside again,

yet you fail.


You advise yourself; forget.

It is an easy word to say,

yet not to do.


One tear rolls down on your cheek.

The next moment the others follow nonstop.


You hide yourself.

You control your voice.

You don't want a creature to sympathize your agony.


Finally you are alone

You bury your face into your pillow

And cry

Cry endlessly

Unleashing your sorrow

Revealing your weakness

Putting what’s left of your energy into it

All without your control

Until your eyes drain.


You wipe your cheeks,

And lay your head on a wet pillow.

Thinking; everything will be okay

Though you know it won't be.

Then numbness takes over your body

And you fall asleep.

The End

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