Delusions Of A Grandiose Sensualist...

And the flowers around me

Were so very large at night

They sparkled and glimmered

And were so bindingly bright

While the stars sizzled and simmered


In the velvety blues

And rent was the sky

By the moon’s piercing blade

It’s wounded cry

Filled the air and began to fade


The thick night wind

Wrapped a gentle arm around me

And I turned to kiss her

But she flew to the tree

So I turned to the flower


But she wanted me not

And her petals blushed red

And my caresses turned away

“Not here,” she said

What was I to say?


I asked the night’s beauties

Which of them would have me

And there was nothing said

So, scorned and weary

I sighed and went to bed

The End

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