Out by that wide oak tree

I feel a sense of security

Like I could sit there forever

Under its protection

Without a worry in the world

Like a sanctuary.


Dreaming of wonderous things,

Pondering life's meaning,

Scanning merry memories,

And sort out my priorities.

If ever I am sad or down,

I look for the console

Of that wide oak tree,

For I can stand there

And rant about

Whatever need be

To get my feelings out

By my sanctuary.


It may not have

An ear to listen

Or even

A mouth to speak,


It has a heart all the same.

A heart that

does not judge

Or suffer me ill will

From my sanctuary.


Every day

I would hang out

With that wide oak tree

For it was my

Best friend.

It would let me climb

Its broad lims,

Hang upside down

Till my face turned red

Thank my sanctuary.


When nighttime fell

I would bid

That wide oak tree


Wishing it a deep sleep

And sweet dreams

Till we meet

The next morn


At my sanctuary.

The End

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