The Newborn Day

Climb the trees, whose powerful branches

Reach up to the sky

And twist around in graceful dances

As the wind races by


Kiss the flowers who laugh together

When tickled by a breeze

And hang their heads in boredom

Throughout the summer-season’s ease


Follow the birds who color the sky

And fill the day with song

They carry their dance throughout the trees

Inviting the winds to play along


Always gaze toward the great sky

Home to the rain-chased clouds

A many-faceted sapphire blue

Or cloaked in misty shrouds


Dance with the wind that carries a song

And speaks through the whistling boughs

A calm, placid, playful thing

But for the storms that she allows


Long for the rains that bring life to the lands

And quench the dry earth’s thirst

The dark clouds cloak the parched, brown lands

And from their bellies, the rains burst


Wait for the sun, whose golden rays

Gently make their way

Over the hilltops, across shrouded lands

To light the newborn day

The End

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