The Fault in our Bananas

The fault in our bananas

Are simple, you see,

They're too bright, too yellow, and

Nobody wants to pay such an ungodly fee

For such a faulty banana.

The mothers say, 'no way, I'll not

Feed little Johnny such a ripe banana'

And so she doesn't feed her little tot

The flawed fruit. And the fathers say,

'I won't eat an unworthy banana, not

In a million banana years.'

But, the thing is, those bananas fought

For their place on the stand, so why deem

Them inferior? That's why they're bruised and

Battered. NOT because the guy carrying the

Crates of bananas dropped the box, and was shunned

For hurting the poor, innocent bananas, no sir.

So, perhaps, the fault lies not in that oddly colored fruit,

But, in fact, in the banana carriers. Don't you think? So don't blame the bananas.

Its not the weird yellow thing's fault. Your point has been declared moot.

The End

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