Salty, Salty Water

Healthy body, broken heart,
Wanders through the mini mart.
She carries a plastic bear full of smooth sweetness
That will soon crystalize in a cold cabinet.
Her head hung heavy, she hums
An ancient song of sadness,
To the tune of frozen but snowless winters,
Of hungover homecomings,
Of the ever ticking clock.
At the register,
She opens the frozen but snowless mini fridge,
And pulls a bottle of water.
She drops her things on the counter.
"Is there anything else I can get for you?"
Asks the cashier in a polite, automated tone.
... "No."
"Nine dollars, please."
"Have a nice evening."
The girl takes the plastic bag and walks through the door,
The chimes ringing behind her like wedding bells.

The End

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