Keep in Time

The rhythm counted up the rhyme,

The message was loud and clear:

Keep in time before the clock strikes one

When the finish arrives with a sweep, my dear.

The skylarks are dancing, the bugs all agree,

The motions of life now ring out

Faster than words can be placed on the page,

No more slow than the memory’s shout;

The melody, she paces, but breaks

Into a run that no one can chase without practise,

Once again she will say it, to no more disagree:

Keep in time before it’s time you are lacking.

And the waves are all thrashing,

And she cares not for what you must sing,

For she’ll keep on falling down, heavy leaves,

As it’s the notes which are more her thing;

Choir departed and piano closed,

Still she tries to break free:

‘Keep in time’ the waters of the road,

Keep in time before no more time you will see.

The End

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