Three Wishes

An eyelash on my fingertip.
A genie from a lamp not lit.

That certain special time on the clock.
A blazing, streaking piece of rock.

Too many reasons to make a wish, 
And no other wish compares to this.

One, that come the day that I should die, 
I become Nature's windy Sigh.

Second, that we shall not war against our brothers,
And there shall be no more mourning mothers.

But to complete these wishes three, 
I simply wish for You and Me.

To gaze forever in your eyes
For they are rivaling the skies, 

You make my Spirit soar and rise.
I know this feeling never dies.

And to complete these wishes three,
I simply wish for you and me.

And to complete this wishes three,
I simply wish for us to be. 

The End

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