The minds a funny thing,

Vast and bold and mad and wonderful.

It can makes us whisper and talk and shout and sing,

And not a single person's is ever dull.


Memory is a wonderful tool,

Lets you know the things from centuries past.

Discovered by great old fools,

Fools that thanks to memory last and last.


Knowledge of a thousand years in one single head,

The faces of closest friends and hated men.

Memory helps us know the names of the dead,

And remember the multiples of ten.


A powerful machine wrapped in a skull,

Goldfish remember only three seconds at a time.

There's must get abit too full.

And It's said an elaphant never forgets a single crime.


Such a thing all great and good, can be a bloody tease.

I still can't remember where I put my keys...

The End

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