Waxing Lyrical


Oh, look at you,
Waxing your brilliant lyrical genius, again.
Some of us only write for fun you know.
No need to shoot us down.

“Oh, read this one:
'A blue flower opens on...'
What? The first day of June?
I'm sorry but I feel asleep.”

Oh, here it is,
One of those 'hater' comments.
“Thanks for the leson in gramatical errers!”
“Likewise for the spelling.”

“Oh, look at her!
You think you're so good?
It's not fair for you just to say:
'That was rubbish' you know.

Oh, I hate it.
Those people that put down others.
The best reviews are 'constructive', kapeesh?
We're all just waxing lyrical here.

The End

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