Help! I'm Being Eaten By a Rodeo Gal In A Dervish

She was coughing up blood,
Her blouse was sienna,
She danced a frenzy,
But beauty could not evade her.

All knives,
Sleeves and legs,
She caught my stare
And stopped,

Fortune smiled coyly,
This was a summer day
In the depth of the night,
Perhaps sick with respite.

 The politics of loneliness
declared us lovers,
Vessels for pleasure
And the demons we discovered,

She was footloose,
Dresses were disdained,
And she vanquished doubt
Like a rodeo girl.

Were we to spiral forever?
I had left her by September,
She had found Christ and
All was still, anima renounced,

Life was left undiscovered,
Unencumbered by  sin,
She rode no more,
And worshiped her Sunday's best.

Still, her distance devours me,
Each unseen mile a glinting fang,
Pangaea had broken,
and forlorn ideologies formed.

 The drifting of the soul,
We had undone the world,
My rodeo girl's gone,
But she could dance such a storm.

The End

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