Deception Complexion

Are you blushing? Are you pale?
Is it the weather or just the ale?
How many fingers do I hold up?
Isn't that your thirteenth cup?

Please move closer to the light.
I've nary a good look all night.
If you're spotty, or ghostly white,
I assure you it's all right.

I am not the one to judge.
My first impression will never budge.
But to see your own true face.
Might lead us both back to my place.

Your voice so soothing and familiar too.
Might we have met before this ado?
If I lit a match to better see,
Do you promise not to breathe on me?

If looks can kill, I can't agree,
But this not knowing, is killing me.
I think I love you, sight unseen.
With complexion so slightly green.

Take my hand, let's move away
Into the light my dear, okay?
Perhaps a kiss by this open shutter,
Oh good lord ... is that you Mother?


The End

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