Send Me Money, or I Will Die

Mother dear, you know you said
That being a student would help me know
How to make my mark in this cruel world,
Wherever I might go?

Well, the only thing I've found so far
Is that what with clothes and drinks and friends,
I've nothing left for my high fees;
The bank has nothing more to lend.

Mother dear, you've seen the way
The price of bread's gone through the roof,
And you wouldn't leave me starving here?
Here's the receipt as proof.

I know I'm foolish, it's very clear
That some things I bought I did not need,
And yet there's things you said could go
But that path I cannot lead.

Mother dear, that's all I'll say:
I think you can easily tell the rest,
And if you send me ten more pounds,
In my degree I'll do my best. 

The End

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