My Cat Always Picks the Sunny Spots

My cat always picks the sunny spots,

(on those mornings you sleep straight through)

Where she is showered with colored dots,

That form shimmering rainbows of blue.

While light shines through the faceted pane,

(that you never see now - that's true)

Plays on the carpet, and the cat's fur,

You're still in the dark, tired and blue.

I'm sitting alone in the sunlight;

I've tried and tried to get through to you,

But you're still hiding in the shadows,

(don't you deny it, because it's true)

And I don't remember when you changed

And I don't know from where the wind blew,

But I want it gone, far away from us;

Push these icy gusts away from you.

I'm curled in the sun, like my cat

(I know you're not the same - it's true)

My cat always picks the sunny spots

And sometimes I wish you would, too.

The End

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