Nevermind the Kid in the Corner

They had swirling dresses and bouncing hair,

Diamonds and rubies that shimmered and shined,

"Nevermind that kid in the corner," they said,

"He don't matter. Nevermind."


They lived their lives, and drove their cars,

Went to parties, schools, and bars,

And all the while they looked over and sighed,

"That kid in the corner. Nevermind."


He watched them in silence

Wondering how they could live so easily

And never think to see him

In all his teenage misery


And one dark night

Because nobody cared

A knife glimmered bright

His life ends, and he's spared


And the blood on the floor

The kid ain't there anymore

'Cause they said, "Nevermind that kid,

that worthless, meaningless kid."


"Nevermind that kid in the corner."


The End

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