My Life

this is about my life.

When I was just conceived my mom could have aborted me

But her and my dad gave me something she never had

I could have ruined her life but she never let me down

She never let me see her frown

My dad got a job making food

To keep food on the table for me and mom

When I was just two they made a big step in life

1+1 became 2 and they became husband and wife.

A few months later something must have got in the way

Because now they have another kid on the way

Im gonna be a big sister

Would it be a miss or a mister

It was a mister not a sister

That mister became my brother

And then I had another

Two brothers how cool

Now we can go to the same school

Oh wait heres another

Yup that’s right another brother


A few years later we all moved away

I couldn’t see my friends anymore or say hey

The good girl started to become bad

She started to get depressed and sad,

Things got a little better for a bit

Then grandpa became sick

My whole world came crashing down

My smile turned to a frown

Mom and dad stood by their word

They sat on my shoulder like a bird

They pushed me and pushed me

They knew how great I could be


We all moved back in town

Things started to settle down

I met someone and thought I was in love

That’s right I have said enough

If that was love, I would like to see hate

I could have used that as some bait

Mom and dad stuck by myside

They always told me to hold onto my pride.


A few months later my heart started to heal

I found something that may have been real

A month of being together

My life changed to nasty weather

I had an event that changed my life forever

But he stayed in my life whenever.

I thought my world would come to an end

I just needed a friend.

My mom and dad picked me up when I fell

If it wasn’t for them I would be living in hell.


A few months later I got the best news of my life

Im gonna be a mom to a little bity life.

I didn’t think it was true

I would be picking out pink or blue.

My life started to look better

Better than the weather.

My mom and dad wished I would have waited

But they could have never hater

They stuck by myside through it all

They watched me grow after my fall.


A few weeks went by and I became weak

The doctors I had to seek

The news I got was horrific

No where near terrific

My baby that I love so much

God just needed them a bunch.

I began to cry I began to scream

Un real is how it started to seem

My mom was by myside

Telling me it would be alright

I fell into depression

I started regression

I felt like my life took a turn for the worst

I screamed out in a sudden burst


Now today things are doing better.

My days are turning to better weather

Im starting to get back on my feet

Hopefully a step forward a giant leap

My mom and dad stand by me

They know how strong I can be

For that I love them for giving me

The best life that anyone can see

Nobody is perfect and needs to learn

They need to feel the pain and burn

The only way they can succeed is to fail

And see the hail

Before they see the sun

And are able to run.

The End

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