My Last Song

I don't expect anyone to read this. But if anyone does see this, I hope you understand me. No matter how young or old, black or white, brown hair or gray hair. I hope you can see through my eyes. No one else can. Goodbye, Protagonize. Let's see what the cruel world has left for me.

I used to want you with me,

Now I feel an emptiness;

A dark, hollow hole.


I was devoted to your voice,

Now I’m left in the cold.

I’m freezing myself to death.


And by myself I realize inside

The lessons the hardships of life have taught me.


I pursued you endlessly,

But you pushed away.

So far away.


I loved you so dearly,

Then you tore me in two.

Tore my heart in two.


Now in this moment of clarity by myself

I see the true colors of the cruel world of living.


Now you’re gone,

And hope is lost,

There’s nothing left inside.

I cry out loud,

No one hears,

I dissolve from the living world.


I held out my heart for you,

And you rejected it.

Swatted it away.


I planned a future,

And it was ruined.

You ruined it.


In this silence I fortified my loneliness within,

I feel true pain and discover new meaning.


My love was ready,

I wanted you forever.

I was ready forever.


You seemed so in love,

And it all changed.

All changed in the end.


Left in the dark I finally see a light

And new vision is brought in my plight.


Now you’re gone,

And hope is lost,

There’s nothing left inside.

I cry out loud,

No one hears,

I dissolve from the living world.


We could have had it all

And then it all changed.


I was ready,

I had love,

I wanted you to pull me along with yours.

You were ready,

You had love,

I craved the future we could have.


Just leap with me,

Take this chance,

Run with me from this place.

Wipe the tears,

Hide the scars,

And let’s venture into the unknown.


I was scared,

I was nervous,

But I knew we could make it far.

Through the sky,

Touch the stars,

Rocket far and far away from here.


Develop a new world

Just for us,

Built upon our invincible love.

Come with me,

Go with me,

Take me from this growing darkness.


Please don’t leave me,

I fall away.

I’m slipping through all the cracks.

Take my hand now,

Bring me up,

I wanted to stand on my two feet.


Stumbling now,

I see you run

Far away from our abandoned future.

Will I ever

See you again,

You try to avoid me every day.


Darkness clouds

My broken vision,

I know I’m losing my ground.


My color loses to the night.

I dissolve from the living world.


Away from the world.


Now you’re gone forever,

And hope is lost forever,

There’s nothing left inside.

I cry out loud endlessly,

No one hears anymore,

I die to escape my cruel world.


The cruelty of life now truly felt.


I dissolve from the world.

The End

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