My Last

You will leave and I’ll still remain
no matter what I say, nothing will change
I dreamed of you once again
but does it mean anything? You’re a stranger now

You were kind enough to tell me
I could only deny, as if it would disarm everything
I wonder what would help if I drink or hurt myself?
But I wouldn’t feel anything... I haven’t for a while

I thought I could sort out anything
but I was weak, I was wrong
and if I could change the past
I’d have never let you walk away
I can’t believe
this is my last...

I wish I was more like you
I always envied how kind you were
I’m too distant but I mean well
like everyone else... but I’m just unfortunate

Well, this is our last
I had fun, I hope you did too
When we dream, we are truly happy
so I’ll have to wake up now
See you in Heaven, my beautiful friend

The End

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