My Joy

Fall fall. I will never fall. I am not in that failed category. I will gain and never fail. I see my success. I see my future bright. I see my achievements. I see the light. I am so impressed of what I have become. God shaped me and mold me.

I cannot fail! I will not fail. No matter how many times people tried to knock me down. I will not drown. I will not allow people to dun me. For the payments I have made to them. If they want to clove me in half, like a spud getting cut in half. Well then they got the wrong potato. 

I won’t be gadding all over the place. And then trip over an overbearing place mat. I will not be ignored. I will not be taken lightly. I am not going to allow people to vex me to vie with me. They will not steal my joy. It is rightfully mine to keep.

Fall fall. That’s not my nick name. Sorry! But victory is my new nick name now. I will fly. I will fly like an eagle. Soaring on my wings. My joy is overflowing. All the people will see. My joy is with me.

The End

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