My Inspiration

You are my leader and my supporter

How can I ever repay your efforts

Like no one has done for me, ever

I am humbled by your presence

I want to follow your every step

And be there with you throughout everything

But your compassion says No

You tell me to follow my own path

And do great things for the world, for my world

You tell me to make the world mine 

So I make it remember me

And together, we'll accomplish so much more

Than anyone thought we could

We'll be legendary 

Leaving our legacies for the others

Whom we have passed our torches on to

I am blessed. I am blessed

No one has what I have and

No one has what you have

I love you like a brother,

like a father,

like a significant other

And no one can take you away from me

Fear not that I've claimed  you

But I've claimed you

My coach, my role-model, my hero

My motivation

My inspiration

The End

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