My Inner Oasis

The peace within took over me. The rush within me. The beauty that spreads through me like a plauge. No one is ever going to take it from me. Without realizing it, I felt more at peace. The sayings of the positive words gained control over my mind, and calmed the winds, and the water. Everything is calm, everything is calm.
No more noisy negative people, playing in my head. All of that noise has been cut off. I remained at peace. My personal blue sky has taken over me. I felt like a prisoner, but in a good way, felt like I am the prisoner of peace.
The water crashing through the rocks. The wet sand rushed into between my bare toes, the sun was shining down on me. And the love of my life was sitting right next to me. Holding my hand. To feel the gentle wind at my back. To feel the gentle breeze, taking me to another world. To help me to see what my inner beauty look like. And to see what my inner peace felt like. My inner oasis taught me to peace, be still.

The End

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