My Husband's Mistress Smiled at Me

Poem written in 2005 as a "stress-reducer" for everything that was happening at that time - and for all the "junk" that plagued my mind. Just thought I'd share.

My husband’s mistress smiled at me
Through my confusion’s reverie.
Proudly enthroned, on a wall to herself…
While I, the wife, sit on the shelf.

He gazes at her both day and night;
Adores her form, she’s his delight.
Quotes, he does, her winning tales,
With originality he is most frail.

Her charm, her wit, they hold him near;
In his heart she’s become so dear.
And with each passing month I find
That I’m less tolerant – less kind.

My husband’s mistress smirks at me…
Her name, in brief, is the T.V.

My husband’s mistress smiled at me,
The folds of her gown a mystery;
I’d found her hiding underneath a chair
When sweeping dust from under there.

Her stimulating talents and allure entice,
Alas, this mere wife is only ‘nice’.
Contortions, proportions, all amply displayed
Assure me she won’t be someone he’d trade.

A mannequin, a paper doll,
A blow-up figure from the mall;
They never have seemed quite real to me,
These women from planet ecstasy.

My husband’s mistress laughs at me…
Her name, in short, is pornography.

My husband’s mistress smiled at me,
She’s working by his side, I see.
‘Tis tedious to work eight hours a day
And never conceive of some folly and play.

They chat at lunch, and on smoke breaks;
They bake each other birthday cakes.
He swears he never even mentions me!
That’s meant to make me feel better, you see.

He goes to work early, then comes home late;
He swears that the overtime is not that great.
Then one day, he sheds bitter tears…
Seems the woman’s heart was older than her years.

My husband’s mistress sneered at me;
Her name? She’s called adultery.

My husband’s imagined mistress glared at me;
With his filthy sentiments he’d been too free.
Suggestions, remarks, lewd fantasies
Have assaulted my daughter number three.

He wasn’t welcomed, she wasn’t willing,
My viewpoint on marriage he keeps on killing.
When finally she told all he’d whispered to her,
I knew it was more than my heart could endure.

I’d planned to keep her safe from harm -
My beautiful daughter who’d become so alarmed.
Didn’t want to hurt my feelings, yet what could she say?
For under my roof she and her children did stay.

My husband’s attached to a mistress, you see;
“Lust of the flesh” is the name I give thee.

 © 2005, Elyssa Kae King (pen name); aka MmpLady; aka Gail Allyson King)

The End

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