My Hell.

My Life in a Nutshell.

My emotional needs are not valued. 

I am powerless against myself. 

Lost in my own confusion 

waiting anxiously for it to be dealt. 

But how can i get my point across, 

How can i longer bear? 

The hideous hell that life can bring 

crying but no one seems to care. 

They misplace frustration for anger, 

misjudge what i have to say. 

but the only time they listen 

is when something bad is said. 

I realized with deep concern, 

that i am all alone.. 

alone i came from my mother's womb 

my siblings distress are shown. 

hate is among us, hate is all i feel. 

hate i feel for my older brother.. 

with a disgusting sex appeal 

when I feel like I don't belong, 

when I am drowning in all my tears.. 

razor blades and rubber bands take all my childish fears 

I wish i was somewhat better, 

to play an important role.. 

but the only time i'll feel better 

is when i'm put in a hole..

The End

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