My Heart's Own MistakesMature

It's about washing your hands of someone who you tried to help, but they wouldn't help themselves

Despite the promises of angels

Despite the fear of the void and the black

It seems I am shunned for lesser men

For a world where we can't come back


The sparkle in your eyes, dimmed, preparing to die

The white of your smile, shielding the hatred inside

I'm no good to you, an assessment made before self-destruction

A wayward sense of judgement, as tender hearts give way to self-corruption


Neglecting what remains of your senses

Rejecting the instinct of your defences 

You summon me to defend moral crimes

But I'll leave you to your conscience this time 


I know you need shoulder to cry on

But actions long ago taken, return to haunt you

My urge to care has long gone


I would've helped you, soothed the anger on the inside

Carry your troubles, riding the tide

The trouble is I tried and I tried

I'll leave you now to decide 


There's the edge, there's the fire to burn

Here's my hand but away you turned

Why should I care for you or anyone else

Fuck you, I loved you

Cry your tears for someone else


Hearts blackmail logic for twisted gain

As your will to live leaves with the last train

You stumbled in, where only your demons tread

Go fuck up someone else's life instead

The End

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