My Heart To Keep

Though our time together is almost spent,

I feel that I must say,

I'll think of you though you're not here,

Still love you every day.

Our time is up, it's gone now,

The sand has drained away.

But do not be afraid for every moment spent with you,

I'll cherish all my days.

Your innocence will guide me,

Your soul will light my way,

And when my heart is broken,

My head with you I'll lay.

Too soon you will depart,

My angel finally free.

Though I'd gladly give the world

To keep you here with me.

You're needed up in heaven 

Though none can tell us why.

No reason for this injustice,

For one so young to die.

I'll see you in the sunlit sky

Hear you in the birds that cheep.

I'll speak to you so you will know,

You're in my heart to keep.

We wish we could have seen 

The beautiful woman you should have become.

Without you here to make us smile,

It will be hard to call it home.

There is yet some time to spend with you,

In this sweet euphoria.

So I'll save this sad goodbye 

My sweet Victoria.

The End

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