My heart speaks

"My heart speaks" is a poem about all the mixed emotions that one person who has been inlove can feel. The words of this poem describes the actions and moods of someone who was inlove but is no longer in love.

My world is torn

My identity is mistaken

My heart is broken

It sounds like alliteration but in one sentence it is the only verb of my description

It describes the way I feel

At present it doesn't matter that I am hardly dressed in this cold winter's night and might catch a cold

It doesn't matter that I feel pain all over my body or that I did not eat the whole day

What matters is what I have just realised

I realised that  your reality is not my reality

Your world is not my world

I am such a small part that I do not matter

I try to step into your world but you move away with each step that I take

I turn away now

I walk away now

I might be a bit high

A little too angry

A bit confused

A bit jealous

A bit stupid to make an emotional decision

I cannot speak

My heart speaks

I am hurt

The End

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