My heart..Mature

about normal life in a funny way...

a broken heart is hard to repair

but a helping hand should always be there

u left me alone and went away

didn`t even bother where i`ll stay

u think u did the right thing

when u brokeup with me this spring

it was such a nice sunny day

when u came by the bay

u held my hand and said i`m sorry

and left me standing alone by the lorry...

i never knew what i had done

our relationship had just begun..

i called him several times at home

but he never received the phone

than one day i saw him passing by

he was talking to another guy

i went close and said hi,

he turned away and said goodbye

i pulled him back and  than asked why?

he said cause am dating this guy!

my tummy came inside out

i started running all about

i just got to know that he was gay!

this dream of mine i`ll remember every day


The End

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