My Heart

Change takes time..

My Heart

Inspiration masking my fears

On the verge of tears

Realizing that giving up a dream

Giving up a love doesn't fade over night


Love like an addiction can not easily be filled with artificial stand-ins

My body knows the truth

My heart feels the sting

There's no replacement to fill the void


The dramatic in me didn't prepare me for this pain

This aching in my heart

Passion for the loss of something so dear

A comfort mixed with pain

Plainly a need to let go


Can I learn to let this go?

Will this sorrow fade?

If the thing I miss most were in human form

Explanation would be clearer

It's not out of human form

It's my personal form


My sadness won't stay sedentary

My instincts cry to run away

Facing the heart of reality

Wondering if I'm looking through the right eyes


Is this reality more a figment of my imagination

Or am I acting as a rational responsible adult

How can I release this, and in doing so gain relief


There's no voice telling me no

There's the fear it'll be as hard as hell.

When day's can already feel as hard as hell

Can I handle harder than hell


"God would never give you more than you can handle"


There's more in dancing for me

I just don't know what it is

But my desire is not simply going away


My body won't get with the program

And play along with my plan

Fall into line with what I'm doing now

It still itches to do and be something more, as do I


If I could cry and somehow let it out

I wouldn't feel the clogging in my throat

The longing to let go

But not sure how to leave it be

Cuz it'll sure be back to bother me


A bother that's not really a bother at all

It's a call of passion

Breaking through the mundane

Reminding me that there is more


More to become

More to do

More to discover

More to move

More to love

The End

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