My Guy

This poem is about the people I love, as this is callaborative, please write a chapter about the love or crush in your life.

I met you

You were just a friend

Cool, funny, a list with no end

But now I cannot shake this feeling

Because my eyes  are finally seeing

You're the one for me

You're sweet, so funny,

You finally hugged me!

You gorgeously cool

Totally rule this school

 You're gorgeous and lovely

And all mine!

My heart is singing

And it's song's devine

You don't pretend

You're someone you're not

And when I'm with you

My heart stops

Your world isn't perfect

Neither is mine

But somehow being together seems to stop time

My troubles melt away to nothing

There really is no hope in bluffing

You're the guy for me

And I love you, My georgeous Tom C.

The End

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