My Guardian Angel

It's a poem about how a girl describes her angel...

Eyes as cold as snow

Face with a radiant glow

Skin so fair and light

Lips like rubies so bright

Hair so black and shiny

Physique kind of burly

A body with a warming heat

That surely no one could beat

Helps me in my every day

Shows his love in anyway

Does simple things to make my day

And brings sunshine when the clouds are gray

Makes sure that I’m always around

Hopes that I’m always safe and sound

Will do everything to prove he’s worth

Being my angel here on Earth

Is it even possible?

A person that’s so feasible

Such a perfect creation

Not my hallucination

An angel without wings

Happiness is what he brings

Always there when I call

And comes to the rescue when I’m ‘bout to fall

He’s always there to listen I can see his eyes glisten

When the two of us are together

He feels as light as a feather Listens to my every whim

Tries not to be mean

People think that he’s not real

Because he’s so perfect they can feel

But just like what we always say

Nobody's perfect, unique in their own way

He’s an imperfect person

Trying to be perfect for one reason

He wants to simply impress me

But I already appreciate him, can’t he see

Tries his hard to be true

Doesn’t want me to be blue

He’s my guardian angel

He’s the guy who has a label

People see him as everybody’s friend

Never as a fiend

I thank him for what he does

Want to see him wherever he goes

He’s not just any ordinary kind of guy

He’s my guardian angel on Earth and in the sky

The End

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