My Great-Uncle Jack

My Great-Uncle Jack went missing during World War Two when his plane crashed in North England. The plane was found, along with dog tags, uniform, helmet and a dozen other bits and bobs. Only one thing was missing ... Jack!

Have you seen an elderly bloke,
Probably blackened by fire and smoke.

Have you seen him running around?
Or maybe his plane, smashed up on the ground?

He's got a big nose, and bushy black brows,
He'll be ranting and raving and yelling at crows.

His name is Jack Robson, RAF, Pilot Ace
(I would put the rest, but I ain't got the space)

His plane went down in 1942, in the north part of Yorkshire
We found all his clothes, but where he is we aren't sure!

Dog tags and name tapes, but we were slightly addled,
Because Great Uncle Jack had up and skedaddled! 

So if you do see him, and I'm sure you will snicker
He's the funny old man running round in his knickers!

The End

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