My Greatest Regret

I regret, I regret,

Living past my birthday.

Why haven't you killed yourself by now?

I hear a darker me say.

I regret, I regret,

Telling you two anything.

It makes you weak, to tell such a thing.

It was a secret, my secret.

I regret, I regret,

Holding your hand.

You didn't love him, never will, that's a fact, so end it, if you will.

It wasn't your fault, but mine.

I regret, I regret,

Falling for the first time.

He'll never love you, it's the truth, you're nothing to him, 

And that's the way it is.

I regret, I regret,

Not saving myself, on my own.

You cry, you cut, you scream, and whine.  Poor you, so full of woe.

But I don't think I'm worth saving.

I regret, I regret,

Being so cruel to myself, by falling in love with you.

You're too young, too dumb, and don't deserve love.  He's got his eyes on many someones, and none, are, you.  

A bad case of self sabotage, by wishing for you.

You may be my greatest regret.

Sun goes down before it rises,

But I won't live to see your sun set.

The End

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