Blue skies

Out of emotions, the words were designed to a sweetheart

I look up,the skies are blue
Only if she knew
That the tots are true
I wish we were new

Worlds greatest magician
Your inner beauty is a translation
I wanto get closer;Malaika
Love at first is not my tradition
But my heart is transiting.

Glued togeda lyk pair of tongs
And forget abt the excuses
The way forward matters
All dat glitters
Is not ice
Look into ma eyes
And tel mi im not nice

Accept me because of ma future
Forget about the puncture
Cos im a wonder
Who will neva surrender
For our love is forever

Thank God for you
A life without you
Would have bin like
An ice cream without spoon

You,yes you
Too good to be true
Bt imperfect creatures
Are true

This misery is a saga
Where is ma mama
Papa I have found a real partner,
She's Kristiana
Bone of my bone.

Real woman who is not about money
She laughs at my jokes when its not fuuny
Never misses my call,oh yes not at all
Talk is cheap, but her love is deep.

My cellphone beeps
I turn to it, its my sweets
Love is blurr, like fake people tryna slair
But i have found the real,not a trail.

The End

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