My Grandma

Inspired by Reut's poem I decided to write a descriptive poem about a dear person I miss - my grandma who died at the age of 98 and left us with precious memories. She also left us her rocking chair ...which is in our living room today. I often sit and rock on her chair and that's actually the opening of the poem.

I rock back and forth

on your rocking chair

I close my eyes and see your white combed hair

held up with your turquoise pin

just like the tiny flowers on your blouse

Addicted to the pace

Eager to see your face

just for a second. Do you mind?

Your bright blue eyes 

so wise and kind

like two lucid lakes

surrounded by beautiful wrinkles - 

secret paths folding and holding

your flowing stories and good deeds

How long shall I rock

the squeaking chair

I'd love to talk

while eating your fresh chocolate cake

on your sunny little porch crowded with plants

and tiny busy ants

I cherish the moments here,

Grandma dear

with blue eyes and white hair - 

A queen on a rocking chair

The End

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