My Goodbye

That moment when you think about what you would say if that person who left too quickly ever came back. It's partly that hopeful feeling you get right after they leave before you realize that they're never coming back, but it's also that part of you that knew they weren't going to stick around and that it wouldn't work. And it's about being okay with it.

You left before I was ready to say goodbye.

I blame myself for that.

I guess I really screwed up,

And that's the reason why you left.


But you know what?

I'll learn to be okay with it.

Because I don't think it was me screwing up that was the problem.

People make mistakes.

I guess you just couldn't handle mine,

And that's okay.


Because we're both still growing;

And we're both still learning.

And one day you may realize you weren't perfect either.

And maybe one day you'll even come back and apologize for that.

And I'll just smile at you;

And I'll look you in the eye;

And I'll tell you the honest truth.

I've already forgiven you.

The End

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