my god! turn on the fan

Certain scents are repulsive to some while completely natural to others.

I once met a Colombian,

who'd lived in the city from birth.

She said it made it her dizzy,

to breathe the smell of dirt.

Her senses weren't refined

to the stink of sweat

and excrement

of pulsing life outside.

A million insects clamouring

to fornicate and die.


So I'm sorry if my fingernails

are too unclean for you.

I'll hide them from your view

(if you really want me too.)


I once met a Dutchwoman

who always used the fan.

No matter what was cooking

or frying in the frying pan

she said that if you didn't,

your kitchen'd catch a scent,

that's poignant and repugnant

and contaminates the air.

that settles in the fabric

of your clothing and your hair


So excuse me if it's impolite

my dinner smells like food,

and my kitchen like tomato sauce

(that's wafting from my table cloth.)


No, I can't sterilize myself,

more than you

can't be


I can't change for you, my love

and don't you change for me.

The End

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