My Future Is UndefinedMature

Why my future stresses me out

 My Future Is Undefined 

What are your plans after you graduate?

What do you want to do in college?

When are you going to work?

What are you doing over the summer?

How are you going to make money for college?


I can't handle one more question like this.

It stresses me the hell out



Because I can't see 5 minutes in front of my face

I don't see myself having a future

I don't see myself being successful


When I talk about my future it stresses me out


What if I don't have one?

What if I really am my biological parent’s?

I mean that's my blood right?

What if I turn out like that?

I will die

I will legit not want to be on this earth

They messed up my life

I don't get good grades

I'm just not cut out for this life

I'm already set up for failure

So if that's all I am

Then what's the point?

Why even bother trying?

I can't do anything right?

I don't see myself being a lawyer


But that's all I want


This is why I never have the motivation to start my life because I'm scared of rejection

So why try

Just to be let down again?


Rejection is the death of me

I mean having the abusive life I had

That will do that to you


This is why I answer

I don't know

Because I'm just not sure if I’ll even make it

And I don’t want to let you down

The End

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