My Friend, Remember

The only thought I had after this was... 'Wow - this came out of my head?'

Death is not the end my friends,

I will be alive in your hearts,

And I will be happy.

Because you will remember me that way.


I will be no more than an empty corpse,

So do not weep for my body.

I am gone.

I cannot and will not come back, because it would hurt you.


I want you to think of the times we cried,

In laughter but mostly in pain,

Because it was after those times we came out and smiled.

Because at the most bottom point there was only up.


Now that I am gone do not think things will change,

Because I was not that large an affect on you,

I was not special and you should never think that.

I was not one-in-a-million but I was lucky to have known you.


Death is not the end, my friend - -

Remember this and I will be happy.

I will always walk beside you holding your hand,

Helping you achieve what you want to do.


I will be gone, back to the begininng,

Waiting again as an unborn,

Waiting again for an 'us' or 'you and me'.

But death is not the end to us, Friend.

The End

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