A narratvie poem

A nerrative poem about my friend MIram



My friend Miriam.

My friend Miriam used to be very busy

She has two children to raise

A musical shop to run

A house to clean

And a dog to walk.


My friend Miriam

Hosted a special class in her house every Sunday night

She used to visit her parents once a week

And go to the gym twice a week

Miriam cooked and baked delicious food.


Miriam used to knit beautiful clothes

Which you can't find anywhere

She used to teach others her special techniques

But her work was the best

Wow. Such a lovely lady.



Miriam was born with a problem with her eyes

But she never complained

She wouldn't missed a party or a chance to dance

Miriam is a happy person

Everyone admires her very much



But then, one day..

My friend Miriam

Went with her friends for an enjoyable vacation

No one could imagine the results

She bent to pick up something

Her eye was severely hurt


My friend Miriam is temporarily blind

She sits in the darkness

Tries to understand how her life looks  

She has time to cry

To mourn a lot


My friend Miriam has too much time

She can't read or write

She doesn't go to her shop

Or knit nice clothes

She can't cook and bake at the moment


But my friend Miriam is a strong lady

She believes in miracles

That comes from G-d

And all her friends intently pray

For her full recovery.

And we look forward to see her full recovery. 

My friend Miriam

Uses her extra time

To listen to people who need her advice

She is strong and chooses to continue her life

The End

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