My Forbidden Fruit, My Adam

You held my heart in both your hands

In a convulsion of terror you clenched you hands to fists

Creating a tumult of feeling that had not been there before.

Yet as you held my shattered remains in your palms

Looking at the destruction you caused

You laughed for you had been leading me on

And now I’ve fallen and cannot get up


You were everything I’ve ever wanted

A flawless diamond among a pile of rhinestones

But you turned out to be just like them

A carefully-created impostor


But as I lay here crying for all that’s been lost

Those new found feelings have been growing


Into an anger where I’m more than you expected

Where I am the heart holder and you are the victim

And as you reach out to take my hand I crush your heart

And you are left as the fragile child

Frightened by mere shadows on your wall

Waiting for your princess

And I laugh


Why am I the only one that can see the beauty in anger and the fear in love?

Why am I the one who is never picked first for dodge ball?

Why am I second best in his eyes?

I don’t want to be his dirty little secret

I want to be his princess

Cherished by all, loved from afar by many

Yet I’m still yearning for his touch

I want to be his one and only

To be the one he chooses

I want to be chosen


And I want him

All I want is him

Yet the one thing  that could save me, I cannot have

He is the forbidden fruit

And I am a lonely girl named Eve

Waiting for my Adam

To accompany me to hell

The End

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