my foot.

On the 10th of July,

I hurt my foot,

But that day is today, 

I hear you say,

unless of course, you read this tomorrow!

My foot was gushing blood,

there was me,

doing my unneeded screaming thing,

and my unneeded sobbing thing,

because I had hurt my foot,

I cannot walk, sing, dance or jump,

mainly because the stitches'll snap, but still,

at least my legs not cut off to a stump!

It still hurts,

so i wear miserable shirts,

all because I hurt my foot,

you should have seen,

the mess of the park,

with puddles of my blood everywhere,

I'm not over playing it! I swear!

Blood soaked my socks,

dried on my feet,

I even bled on my best mates phone! It's a terrible story,

I'm sad to say,

Maybe I'll move and walk again someday


True story. ABout earlier today XD

The End

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