My FiRsT LoVe

It hurts but you have to move on

My first love began on December I listened to her sound over the phone I wanted to make her mine. Day by day I fell in love with her and in no time she settled in my heart knowing she would stay.

Every night I call, listening to her voice whispering how much she loved me. A million kisses she said she would give me. As I told her a million times how I missed her.

A few weeks later my phone beeps, my first love had texted me… “Hey…. I love you, I still want to meet you and be your closest friend forever, they say u can’t tell your heart what to love so the truth is that my heart chose somebody else for a stronger “THING” at least that’s what she said….and the worst words that I can still remember.

I felt the pain in time chest, a pain so deep for it come from within. The word seemed to sting my heart, time and separation seemed to have robed me My Love leaving a vacant space for me to hurt. She is now in another man’s hands.

When you see her, tell her she still has my heart and love, for I will never find anyone like her.

Tell her to remember my words those that I whispered to her at night under the moon

Tall her she will still be my valentines every 14th of February

Tell her that someday I will win back her heart, soul and mind for I only lost the war I never lost the battle.

But just like DIDO

“….. I will go down with this ship

And I won’t put my hands up and


There will be no white flag above

My door

Cause am in love and always will be.”

The End

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