My first Letter

First writing on here struggled a little but came out with something

I guess it seems like

Our emotions are gone

We don't wanna cross the line that was so meticulously drawn

And it hurts, but I guess its time to move on

Ive figured out the grass is greener in other neighborhood lawns but 

Thats not how it works,

Not how it goes.

Thats how the world sees it but we're all alone.

No emotions on my sleeve no feelings shown

But you're running through my mind and everybody knows.

But they don't get it and I don't think i do either, 

How to blow an angel off and turn around and say i need her

My one regret is that i shouldve tried to write this letter neater

But its my first one out of many, take a seat in Jimmy's theatre...

and enjoy the featuring presentation brought to you.

The End

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