My finely woven hands will inherit your heart/Minn Fínt Ofinn Hendur Munu Erfa þitt Hjarta

I'm trying to teach myself a bit of Icelandic (And what better way than making poetry out of it?), so forgive my grammar and any corrections would be appreciated :). It's quite a beautiful language I think. Proper accents and some letters I don't have on my keyboard unfortunately, but I might do it manually later. (Edit: added these. Good thing too, since pungbaer means jockstrap hahaha.) If anyone has interest, I'll send them a translation for the last bit...

Lines grow
and shapes form,
Faces and voices,
Yesterday was another day,
Words spilled blue into
the way they knew,
They were true.

This has been a good winter,
There was hate and laughter,
Loss still waits,
Forever the guardian of want;
That was endlessly drawn,
Never complete, but never gone,
Always the ornament of tomorrow,
The face of a lost child...

This has been a good winter,
Minn hjarta er þungjur
með þinn verndari, kær,
þögull kærasta, eg sjá og sér.

The End

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