my final prayer.

I'am losing my faith,

I'am giving up on you

I'am giving in to the darkness

that was meant to be vanished by you.

In my heart there's never ending pain

my thoughts want to believe in you

but creeping into me is sadness all because of you.

When i was lonely and filled with despair,

all i thought of was you.

When i was crying and blue

my only hope was on you.

Yet you never showed me the way,

or the rainbows after the rain.

but still all i thought of was you.

After all these years of suffering and pain,

I've but realized time has not gone in vain

though you never ever showed up,

never even told me you care

still i keep on hoping that

you will finally show me the way.

oh god this is my final prayer.

The End

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