My Feelings About This Website

I love this website but I just hate how many depressing poems/stories I find on here. Nothing against people who post those kind of things, this is just my personal opinion and I mean no disrespect AT ALL. None.

I like this site, don't get me wrong
But it's just so depressing
With all these poems about self harm
It's all just so distressing

I realize people write to get out emotions
And unleash the pain they're feeling
But do you really have to make me feel
All of the sadness you're feeling

And I know what you are going to say
"You don't have to read it"
But it seems like everything I click
Involves a knife and a wrist

Forgive me if I insulted anyone
That was not my intent
I only wanted to share my thoughts
I only wanted to vent

The End

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