My Favorite Place--

I wrote this for a Reflections entry in school about 2 years ago.

You may think a

favorite place is one

of sparkles and pink

where you are pampered

Somewhere you never have to think

all is well and good but

this is no where near

my favorite place

It is a world

where I can be free

free to be me

no one is there to judge

only the worlds finest

chocolate and fudge

This is where friends last forever

Where those most special moments

become memories of laughter

A safe place with not only one

but all human race

you can hold me

in your arms

This time, not shielding

From any harm

We can only love

like that of a dove

with sand beneath my toes

and my skin the color

of a beach glow

My favorite place is one

of only needs

no pampering and luxuries

That place is simply where

I am free

free to  be me


The End

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