Twelve is never to be shelved

Be it apostles or months of the year,

Twelve's a significant figure.

And look, there are  twelve astrological signs

Western or Chinese, no bigger.

A group of twelve items, you might wish to know

Is labelled a duodecad,

With duodenary the ordinal form.

This is something I learned, for I'm sad:

You'll have heard of the duodenum, I assume

Well,  it's named for its length, of... twelve inches.

And we all possess twelve pairs of cranial nerves

So I'm sure that, my argument clinches.

For twelve is essential, and special, and dear

And you know,  half a day is twelve hours.

If you ask at the florist for one dozen blooms

Be sure,  you'll be handed twelve flowers.

There were twelve tribes of Israel,  I'm certain you know,

And the scientists here will remember

What the atomic number of magnesium is

And it it also refers to December.

A clockface has twelve numerals, isn't that great?

And the keyboard I'm using to write this

Has a wonderful row of twelve fab function keys

Though I admit I don't use them, despite this.

The End

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