Will eleven be the new heaven?

When I was watching the eleven o'clock news

On channel eleven, with my baby blues,

This guy was held up at a seven-eleven

He got shot, they said, and near went to heaven

But a cop she arrived at the eleventh hour

And truly did everything in her power

To bring him back from the brink of death

By supplying him with second-hand breath

On Eleventh Street this all went down

Reminds me why I never go into town.

I switched off the set and went to bed

But elevens kept appearing in my head

Eleven pipers came marching along

And made me join in their awful song

Eleven cats turned up and wailed

With eleven nuns all strictly veiled

So when I woke up I made a vow

And never more will I allow

Myself to watch the news at eleven

Until I die and go to heaven





The End

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