Six Is The Number A Wise One Picks

How do I love thee, sweet number six?

You are the sugar on my morning Weetabix

You are the berries that ripen on the vine

You to me are everything divine!


Oh six, why your elegant shape alone

Makes me swoon with a delighted moan!

I have six brass buttons on my favourite coat

Six shiny batteries in my electric goat!


Dear six, your shapely bulge just so

Heats my blood and surely makes it flow

To places nothing else can reach

What can I say; you're a peach!


For you six, I would declare my love

You are for me, my fondest dove!

Oh three and three can you not see

Your perfect child was made for me!


Five and one and two and four

I can leave them all outside the door

Number six, this is only meant for you

And I swear that I will be ever true!







The End

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